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VOXI Europe (VOXI travel) is an Australian family style travel company specializing in travel to Europe – trips and tours all around Europe. We offer superior service and maximum care to our clients whilst guaranteeing the best prices as we tailor a package to suit your needs.

We offer tours and packages with flexible departures and we operate in all main countries in Europe. For greater comfort, you can contact an English speaking European representative at any time during your travels, based in Europe. Your payment is secure as we are insured against bankruptcy.

Amongst our team, we have visited all our destinations on offer. Some of us live in Europe. Because of this, we can guarantee precise destination information and holiday preparation. Our distinct tours are a result of our long experience with living in Europe, travels around the world and our extensive tourism experience.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you in arranging a truly memorable holiday experience. VOXI Europe will prepare the holiday of your dreams!

Karel Topic, VOXI Europe CEO


VOXI Travel / VOXI Europe
Representatives: Karel Topic and Pavel Bace
ABN: 27 514 042 535
Phone: 02 8005 8595
Address: 12 Wallaby Way, Horseshoe Bay, QLD 4819
Email: info@voxitravel.com
Web: www.voxi-europe.com

Registered and certified travel agency in Australia and Europe
Our branch in Europe: Ing. Karel Topič, registered in Business register of Czech Republic, European Union
Address in Europe: Vodni 1972, Zlin, Czech Republic, EU, 76001
IC (BN):  74979761
Phone: +420 571570065

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Karel Topic
CEO / founder

info@voxitravel.com, +420 725 970 721

Karel was born in Europe and these days partly lives in Australia and partly in Europe. He got his Master’s degree in business and was always aiming for his own business. He has also enjoyed traveling since he was young and before he got 30 years old he travelled to all 7 continents! His life in Europe and Australia together with extended stay in Turkey, USA and South America set up his path onto travel field and after 2 years spent in a travel agency he decided it is a time to establish his own travel company. So he did in 2009 and from then his travel agency served thousands of travelers. He offers his travel experience and excitement to all clients with a focus on friendly and tailor-made services. His biggest passion is, apart of traveling and sport, wife Michaela and daughter Keira.

Lenka Stastna


Travelling is her passion since her childhood, when she was spending time with her parents around Czech Republic, mostly under the tent. She grew up, didn’t have chance to spend long time abroad, but never mind. Still travelling, on and on. Lenka‘s huge passion is Iceland, but still wants to explore more. Fresh love is Brazil and Argentina – it’s connection of relaxed atmosphere and amazing nature is really something for such an energetic person.

For challenges she always answers „Yes“ and problems simply solves. Her own and either client’s. Communication with people is at the same level like her family and traveling. That’s why this jobs fits her. Looking forward to help you realize your travel dreams.

Zdenka Lazecka

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Travelling is discovering herself and she likes to see new places. All she needs to take with is her backpack. She prefers to visit less well known tourist destinations. She visited several times North America, travel all around Europe and as she say one of the most interesting experience for her was working on cruise ship for two years. Zdenka was living in Ireland for 8 years and during that time she got the oportunity to travel through Europe, visit Caribbean islands, India and South Afrika.  Europe journey charmed her and she brought out of there incredible experiences.

She will be delighted to help you with planning your dream holiday.

Petra Stepanova

Petra lives in Europe where she also studied English and German and got hers Master’s degree. She loves traveling and she know pretty much whole Europe where she travels extensively every year. During her studies she also spent months in USA. Before she started to work in travel industry she worked as an interpreter in foreign languages. And where you can find Petra really happy? Just take her to mountains and places with few people, even better is she can go on bike, hike or snowboard. But on a first place stands her family.

Stefanie J. Weber Bace

Stefanie has been traveling since her childhood. Moving around a lot as an expatriate she has gained extensive experiences with different cultures. She’s lived in several countries in Asia and Europe, is currently situated in Australia. Her favourite thing about travel is the vast experiences, stories and people that the world has to offer. She can’t wait to help you make your travel dreams a reality!

Pavel Bace
pavel@voxitravel.com, 0490 722 202

Pavel is a true adventurer. His favourite way to travel changes – sometimes it is pure backpacking, other times luxury “resort kind” holidays. Settled in Sydney, he’s seen the majority of Oceania, Europe and Asia. He loves exploring new countries, their nature as well as metropolises. His favourite travel quote is “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”, by Susan Sontag. However, Pavel’s biggest passion is people – their lives, their stories. He is delighted to help you create the holidays of your dreams!